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Success Stories

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My Clients Are My Teachers


“I am enlightened to have you in my life.”

Liz M

“I had the blessed opportunity to meet Dea, become friends with her and work with her. Like a gift, she came into my life to help me through and extremely trying time. With her guidance and ability to feel my pain from within, she became a part of me and carried me when I felt I couldn’t carry myself.

“Our sessions together opened up my mind and brought my spirit to new and astonishing heights. She brought me to new, emotionally-strong places I had never been before. After, and throughout our sessions together, I began climbing out of my dark and scary hole and now I see life in a different light, (and I mean this both literally and figuratively).

“Dea, you are an angel in disguise and I am enlightened to have you in my life. My past-self thanks you. My future-self thanks you. I thank you.”

“Honestly, I have never felt better...”

Josh W

“When I was first introduced to Dea, I was at an all time low for myself. I was lost in work and did not know what my next step was. I realized after a few sessions with her that it was not just work, but other things in my life as well that had put me in this funk. I thought this was it for me, that I would have to feel this way forever, that this was my norm.

“This was not the case! Dea helped and guided me out of that lull and into a path of excitement and promise. I made changes that had massive effects on my overall life. Dea taught me how to Cancel the negative, and notice and challenge the positive. I’m now able to realize when these negatives feelings are creeping up and have ways to stop them in their tracks. Sure it’s not easy, and it takes time but honestly without Dea, I’d most likely be stuck in the same place I was 6 months ago.

“Each session worked on something, focused on becoming a better me by overcoming the things that were holding me back. Some of these things I did not even realize were there until Dea helped reveal them. Honestly, I have never felt better and am moving towards a life that I used to only picture, but is now becoming a reality. I owe everything to her love, guidance, and wisdom.

“Thank you Dea, you truly are inspiring and everyone deserves the chance to meet with you!”

“She's changed my life...”

Presley F

“Dea is one of the most well rounded, sweet and loving souls I think I have ever encountered. When I first started seeing her, I was at a total loss. I was unhappy in a lot of aspects of my life, work, and relationships. I so desperately wanted to be happy but I didn’t know what it looked like, felt like or how I could even begin to achieve it.

“Through my work with Dea I have learned a lot about myself and it’s been eye opening for how I treat myself now. I’ve learned to recognize certain emotions; what they feel like and where they develop and more importantly how to cope with them so they don’t over rule everything else. When I describe Dea to others, I classify her as my wellness coach because she really is everything you need in a coach.

“She’s helped me with past traumas, relationship struggles, work struggles, life goals, health goals, self care and what it looks like and through out the week if I catch myself having certain thought patterns, or struggles, I bring them to her and we clear them up.

“Dea is the best friend you never knew you needed, a mother’s unconditional love, an elder’s wise words, the sports coach cheering you on, a sounding board to bounce your thoughts off of and your personal journal. When you walk into a session she immediately takes all the weight and struggle of what you’re feeling and allows you to just breathe and feel free for once, at peace. She’s changed my life for the better and I can’t thank her enough for the work that she does and the relationship that we’ve created.”

"...introduced me to world that was missing."

Niki K

“Dea was radiating with light every time I saw her. She comforted and guided me beyond what I can convey in words. During our time together I was able to open up to her with things that I’ve held inside for years. The secrets and bottled up negative energy which was holding me back from truly living my life.

“With her guidance, I was able to put a new meaning to everything that had happened to me during my childhood and replace the events with more positive outcomes. I was living in my past, and all the emotions from the events were still bottled up energy in my body. I wasn’t living, I was stuck in my past and I kept creating the past in my future – a self-fulfilling prophecy.

“I was able to leave the job that no longer brought me joy and start my own business. I decided to follow my passion without ever looking back. I ended a toxic relationship only to attract the right partner into my life. More importantly, I learned the power our hearts have; I was able to open my heart back up in order to love myself. Which I’ve come to realize is the most important quality one can have because how can you truly love another when you don’t love yourself. Dea showed me the power of Energy Psychology – it’s only when the mind and body are at peace that we can truly live. 

“Through our work together I was able to replace all the negative events with positive ones and truly connect to my inner child. The one that was free and full of life. Within just a few sessions together I began to notice the change in my attitude, my behaviour and my outlook on life. Dea introduced me to a world that was missing in my life – she showed me that we’re the creators of our own reality. I’ve learned to trust the journey and truly be present – I’m incredibly grateful for our work together.”

"...the noticeable results will change your life forever."

Laurence T

“Before I started working with Dea, I felt a constant pressure and heaviness on my chest. Instead of feeling like my past experiences were building me and a part of who I am, I was choked by them and kept re-creating the same patterns without realizing it.

“Dea has been helping me shift my mindset, identify and modify those patterns to live a more liberated life. Dea’s techniques are rather unusual and it might take a few sessions to get your head wrapped around them, but if you open your mind, trust the process and stay tuned to your body, the noticeable results will change your life forever. She’s helped me understand my anxiety, but also has given me tools that I can carry with me everyday. Dea is such a genuine sweetheart and it’s refreshing to feel understood and enabled.

“I am very thankful that our paths have crossed and can’t help but smile when I think about all the good she’s bringing in this world, one tap at a time.”

"...I began to become the best version of myself."

Kara S

“You should know, I am not one who opens up easily to strangers. I fought myself for so long before finally meeting up with Dea. Opening up your soul to a complete stranger does not feel safe or ideal but the moment I sat in front of her, my body filled with complete warmth and comfort and from that simple moment my life changed and I began to become the best version of myself.

“One of my biggest struggles was fully understanding that my issues and problems were just as important as everyone else’s around me. Dea helped me understand that our problems and limitations are the only things we can truly control and work on. But by denying ourselves relief and growth, we aren’t able to gift that to others or to our own being. No matter how big or small your issues seem… they matter and they’re worth talking about.

“It takes a lot of energy to constantly be running away from something or to always try to avoid aspects of your life, so why not take control of these things and take a step towards your brighter future. Not only has she taught me to see my world differently, she has taught me that I should never doubt the power of my voice. If you know yourself, you know love, and to love yourself you need to know yourself. For that, I will forever be indebted to Dea.”

"Her kindness and compassion have no bounds..."

Alison S

“My experience with Dea has been invaluable and life-changing. I found Dea during a time when my anxiety was out of control, I wasn’t benefiting from traditional therapy, and I felt hopeless. From our first session together, I could tell this experience was going to be very different.

“Dea is so down-to-earth and has a way of making you feel so comfortable and open to sharing yourself with her. Her kindness and compassion have no bounds, and throughout the whole process, I always felt like I could talk to her about anything without the fear of being judged. Our sessions always felt like I was sitting down with a close friend (a very wise friend) who offered different perspectives on how to look at the world.

“Dea helped guide me out of my darkest times and essentially helped me rebuild myself one piece at a time. She introduced me to a variety of exercises that taught me how to accept my thoughts and feelings and how to release negative emotions/energy. With her help, I’ve learned how to change my negative patterns of thinking and check-in with myself when I start to feel overwhelmed.

“I continuously use the skills that Dea has taught me and have noticed a significant change in myself – she’s helping me lead a fuller, happier life. My sessions with Dea have been so rewarding and have impacted me so much. I am so thankful for all her help.”

"...I have found so much of my confidence."

Gabby V

“Dea has taught me about CHANGE. She’s guided me to appreciate change, learn from change and excel from change. She’s helped me to realize when to trust myself and with that I have found so much of my confidence (so much of which I thought I lost) and for that I am so grateful, so much stronger and all round fight harder for what I want. She’s such a true and passionate person. She wants to see everyone’s best self. I am so fond of her and her methods and I am truly grateful for her coming into my life every day. Thank you, Dea!”

"...develop a self love I didn't think was possible."

Jill W

“Before I met Dea I never imagined that I needed any additional support or guidance. I didn’t think I had any significant issues which meant there wasn’t a requirement to work on myself. What drew me to her was a recommendation from someone special who thought I could benefit from time with her.

“At first I was very closed off, unable to give in to my feelings and connect with her. Now, after two years of seeing Dea I’ve learned how to embrace her love and support and begin to develop a self love I didn’t think was possible. I’ve recommended countless friends to see Dea. I want them to experience the non-judgemental, loving and safe environment that she creates. Thank you Dea for helping me create a reality that I’m incredibly proud of and for having the patience when I don’t always complete my homework.”